Artist Supports: Ronan Brady

As part of our ongoing supports to artists this year, we are delighted to support Roscommon aerial artist Ronan Brady, on a project called “Ros Not So Common” –  a short dance film reflecting the natural beauty of Roscommon, and how regardless of your situation, location, social status, accent or where you come from, you have permission to show up and have a go.

There are times we meet adversity. Face unknown challenges unquantifiable in magnitude. They seem insurmountable, and we wonder who are we to even try. We get overwhelmed, don’t know where to begin or where it all will end. But we show up anyway. Sometimes just seeing the first step is enough to start. Once we’ve started, there is progress. We gather momentum and then there is hope. Hope of something more, hope of something better, and hope of progression. We don’t always need to see the finish line to get started. We need only to be moving in the direction of that achievement for us to feel fulfilled. One step at a time is enough.

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, this film will be screened in Spring 2021.

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