Commissions & Off –Site Projects

Monkeyshine Theatre Company: The Magic Bookshop
Jim Jobson & Nick Kavanagh 


First Editions
This annual award for companies/artists to create a new piece of work/work in progress was introduced in 2015 to coincide with a new children’s literary festival “Bookworms”, run in association with Roscommon Arts Office and Library Services.
Recipients are paid both a commission and performance fee and offered support in kind in terms of rehearsal space, technical and marketing assistance.

Recipients to date include:






Bombinate Theatre Company

Julie Sharkey

Thomas Johnston

Paul Curley

Monkeyshine Theatre Company


An Ant Called Amy

Ceol Connected


The Magic Bookshop

Bookworms takes place annually in June. Submissions welcome.

Visual Art Off-Site Projects / Commissions

Building on partnerships and inter-disciplinary relationships within the county, Roscommon Arts Centre takes a nomadic approach to programming that often involves working with non-arts spaces around the county including museums and parks. We strive to create an efficient and cohesive overarching visual arts programme that not only supports the production of work by local and national artists but also provides the platform for its presentation supported by events that assist with its mediation.

20189    Yvonne McGuinness

2018     Lucy McKenna

2017     Anna Macleod

2016     Ruth E. Lyons

2016     Deirdre O’Mahony

2015     Maria McKinney

2014     Vanessa Donoso Lopez

2014     Christine Mackey

2014     Sean Rafferty

The Park Project V

The Park Project IV

The Park Project III

The Park Project II

X Spud

The Turn

A Painful Excess of Pleasure

The Lung

The Park Project I

Lough Key Forest Park

Lough Key Forest Park

Lough Key Forest Park

Lough Key Forest Park

Strokestown Park House

King House Boyle

King House Boyle

King House Boyle

Lough Key Forest Park

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