Following on from her SOLD OUT show last year, Anne Gildea is back at Roscommon Arts Centre! She is waxing her moustache, slathering on the Oestrogel and boiling with excitement about bringing her hilarious new show on the road. Join her on this fabulous, informative excursion through one of life’s last great mysteries – The Menopause! What is it? Why does it happen? How come some women sail through it and it turns others into off-the-scale nutjobs? Is there anything you can do about it? Why is it named after men? And why oh why is so little known about this inevitable phase of lady-life? Anne answers all these questions and more as she rips through every angle and embraces Menopause’s greatest gift; THE SUPERPOWER OF NOT GIVING A S%@TE! Join Anne for this unique and hilarious show, it’s a classic in the making! Early booking advised.

Saturday 7th Oct | 8pm 
Tickets €20/18

Saturday 7th October | 8pm | €20/18