Angels | Fregoli Theatre Company

Five Angels drop to earth. Colliding with our elements, they momentarily become part of a new world. 

Who are they? What can they see, hear, touch, feel?

Watch the Angels as they spread their wings to discover your town, your home and your streets for the first time this summer. What is that? A car? A lamppost? A crack in a wall? Some kind of being? A plant? Can you eat it? What does it smell like?

An outdoor street performance made from joy, child-like curiosity and a re-imagining of the familiar, Fregoli Theatre invites you to experience this performance with them.

Background: Angels is a short street performance approx. 30 mins inspired by the idea of re-imagining home, re-imagining the familiar spaces and places that we all have inhabited for the past year or more. The project looks and experiences these places with new eyes, and takes wonder in the details. The Angels have never been in a world like this before and their wonder and marvel may inspire the same in the audience. There are many ways to engage with this performance, audiences can watch from afar, can approach the angels from a safe distance, and can interact if they wish to do so. The performance will not have a verbal narrative, but the angels will have their own movement vocabulary and are happy to learn from the audience also! The Angels will move, dance and make sound and communicate joy, wonder, and excitement through the town!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Angels at the following locations:

Roscommon Town Centre: Thursday 5th August

Boyle (as part of Boyle Arts Festival): Thursday 5th August

Angels has been developed as part of Fegoli Theatre Company’s residency at Roscommon Arts Centre, supported by The Arts Council of Ireland


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