Castle Island Tales | Fregoli Theatre Company

Is there magic right here, hiding

In the air and all around?

What’s seen with new eyes, inviting

tales to grow up from the ground?

Fairytales happen in regular towns all the time, so why not one close-by? Fregoli Theatre Company invites you to soak up the magic of tales yet to be told, set in places you thought you knew everything about.

Inspired by the magical setting of McDermott’s Castle in Lough Key’s Castle Island, this audio production invites audience members to re-imagine local landmarks as the settings of fantastical tales exploring themes of home and adventure. Dream beyond what you know about your locality and stumble upon new fairytales in old places.

Tune in and listen to the tales HERE : 

This project will be accompanied by a visual installation as part of Boyle Arts Festival August 5th – 14th, check out where here:

Castle Island Tales is developed as part of Fregoli Theatre Company’s  residency at Roscommon Arts Centre, supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

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