LP21: One Line Can with Olivia Golden *SOLD OUT*

One Line Can (take you anywhere)

One line in a story or on drawn on a page can take your imagination away to amazing places. Join author Olivia Golden as she shows children the kids how a line/ squiggle can become a picture, making up a story around the picture as we go. A wavy line can become beautiful flowing hair of a hero on a quest or waves in the ocean with a pirate ship bobbing above/ treasure and sea creatures underneath. The possibilities are endless.

Olivia Golden is a Mayo born illustrator who now lives on Cork city with her young family. She has illustrated over 30 books for children of all ages from toddlers to teens along with a variety of covers and books for adults. Her work has exhibited nationally and internationally as near as IMMA, Dublin and far way as Palais Auersperg, Vienna. She’s been shortlisted for the Gradham Reich Carlo book of the year and to represent Ireland at the Bratislava Biennial and Pictuir, which showcased the best of Irish illustration. Fun, texture and contrast combined with simple compositions constitute the heart of Olivia’s visual style.

Class suitability: Junior -First Class Students

The workshop will take place via ZOOM

Wednesday 20th October | Book Via Box Office 09066 25824

Presented at Roscommon Arts Centre with the kind support of The Creative Ireland Roscommon programme

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