Kaleidoscope: Home Edition: Material Encounters At Home Art Packages

Material Encounters introduced 32 members of the public, old and young to some of the artists participating in the 2021 Visual art programme at the centre. Designed to give the public a glimpse into their studios and sharing the activity and negotiations involved in their making processes, each of the invited artists selected their favourite material to be included in a special art pack for people to enjoy at home, giving the public the chance to touch, feel and engage with the materials they might meet again in the gallery throughout the year.

Part of Roscommon Arts Centre’s Kaleidoscope Creative Learning Programme and supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, participating artists included Barbara Knežević, Anna Spearman, Mick O’Hara and Helen Hughes.

Click here to read – Material Encounters: Response From Artists

Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland

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