Roscommon Drama Festival, under the auspices of the Amateur Drama Council of Ireland (ADCI) who are celebrating their 70th year in 2023, showcases the very best in Irish Amateur Drama. This year’s adjudicator is Anna Walker, ADA (Association of Drama Adjudicators). Drama groups from all over Ireland will be participating in both the Open and Confined sections as they attempt to make it to the All-Ireland Drama Festival.

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Friday 3rd March  Dalkey Players


by Marina Carr


Set in the mysterious landscape of the bogs of rural Ireland, Marina Carr’s lyrical and timeless play tells the prophetic tale of Hester Swane, an Irish traveller, who struggles to come to terms with a lifetime of abandonment. This is the story of one woman’s courageous attempts to lay claim to what is hers: her caravan, her house and her daughter. On the brink of despair, she embarks on a journey of vengeance as the secrets of her tangled history are revealed.   

“A furious, uncompromising tale of greed and betrayal, of murder and profound self-sacrifice”


Saturday 4th March Ballyduff Drama Group


By Lucy Kirkwood


Rural Suffolk, 1759. As the country waits for Halley’s Comet, Sally Poppy is sentenced to hang for a heinous murder. When she claims to be pregnant, a jury of twelve matrons are taken from their housework to decide whether she’s telling the truth, or simply trying to escape the noose. With only midwife Lizzy Luke prepared to defend the girl, and a mob baying for blood outside, the matrons wrestle with their new authority, and the devil in their midst.

“Brilliant, brave, bold and intelligent theatre. It is, for all the seriousness of its subject, often very funny and yet profoundly moving”


Sunday 5th March  Devenish Drama Group


By John McManus


Three men meet in a Cavan forest and all are in a state of despair: Benny because his beloved Mayo has lost yet another All Ireland final; Cian because his best friend is missing and presumed dead; Mattie because he has discovered the reason why there are no old people in Dublin. A darkly funny and tragic tale.

A darkly funny and tragic tale. Amazing what can flare up upon a quiet morning in the middle of nowhere…”


Monday 6th March  Glenamaddy Players


by David Auburn


The The play concerns Catherine, the daughter of Robert, a recently deceased mathematical genius and professor at the University of Chicago, and her struggle with mathematical genius and mental illness. Catherine had cared for her father through a lengthy mental illness. Upon Robert’s death, his ex-graduate student Hal discovers an important mathematical proof in Robert’s office.

Can Catherine prove the authorship is the play’s central question, as she finds herself in a relationship with Hal while fearing that she may follow in her father’s footsteps both mathematically and mentally?

“Elements of mystery and surprise combine to provide a compelling evening of theatre


Tuesday 7th March  Corofin Dramatic Society


by Bairbre Ni Chaoimh & Yvonne Quinn


Humorous yet moving, Stolen Child tells the story of a woman adopted at birth who enlists the help of a colourful private detective to search for her mother and uncover the secrets of her family history. What begins as a personal odyssey to discover the secrets of her family history soon becomes a fascinating exploration of one of the darkest chapters in the history of modern Ireland. It is heart-wrenching but also uplifting and light with lots of humour interspersed.

“A humorous yet moving tale about separation, loss and family secrets.”


Wednesday 8th March  Ray Leonard Players


by Jimmy Murphy


In In the mid-1970’s a group of young men left their homes in the West of Ireland and sailed to England in the hope of making their fortunes and returning home. Twenty-five years later only Jackie Flavin makes it home, but does so in a coffin. The Kings of the Kilburn High Road takes place on the day that the group meet up to drink to Jackie Flavin’s memory and look at their lives, lost dreams and their place in the new Ireland.

“A wonderful play full of humour and human sadness. One not to be missed!”

(The play contains strong language)


Thursday 9th March  Harvest Moon Theatre Company


by Yazmina Reza


Two sets of parents meet to resolve a conflict between their children. What was meant to be a civilised meeting turns into a barrage of name calling, tantrums and tears. In this hilarious comedy, gloves come off, dirty laundry is aired and grown-ups find themselves in their own playground.

“A biting comedy of manners that spirals into a shaming demonstration of bad manners.”


Friday 10th March Bunclody/Kilmyshall Drama Group

THE NIGHT ALIVE                                                                                         

by Conor McPherson


Set in Dublin, this play tells the story of Tommy – a middle aged man just about getting by. He is renting a run-down room in his uncle Maurice’s house, keeping his ex-wife and kids at arms length and rolling from one get-rich-quick schemes to the next with his pal Doc.

Then one day he comes to the aid of Aimee, who’s not had it easy herself, struggling through life the only way she knows how. Their past wont let go easily but together there is a glimmer of hope that they could make something more of their lives. Something extraordinary. Perhaps.

“a comedy of desperation, in the gritty sanctuary of a Dublin flat”


Saturday 11th March  Kilmuckridge Drama Group


by John B Keane


This is a story of the harsh reality of living in rural Ireland in the first half of the last century. Orphaned and illegitimate beautiful young Sive lives with her aunt and uncle in rural Ireland. Sean Dota, an elderly farmer, offers the local match-maker a large sum to arrange her marriage to him. Will this be too much for her aunt and uncle to resist and what will be the consequences?

A timeless tale of young love, greed and women’s place in 1950’s Ireland”

Friday 3rd – Saturday 11th March

*** Excluding Sunday March 5th***

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