Roscommon Drama Festival, under the auspices of the Amateur Drama Council of Ireland (ADCI) showcases the very best in Irish Amateur Drama. This year’s adjudicator is Mr Padraic McIntyre, ADA (Association of Drama Adjudicators). Drama groups from all over Ireland will be participating in both the Open and Confined sections as they attempt to make it to the All-Ireland Drama Festival.

*please note an online sales fee of €1 per ticket will be applied to all online sales.


Friday 1st March  Holycross/Ballycahill Drama Group (Open)


It is 1936 and harvest time in County Donegal. In a house just outside the village of Ballybeg live the five Mundy sisters, barely making ends meet, their ages ranging from twenty-six up to forty. The two male members of the household are brother Jack, a missionary priest, repatriated from Africa by his superiors after twenty-five years, and Michael, the seven-year-old child of the youngest sister. Narrated by Michael as an adult, the play depicts two days in the lives of five remarkable women

“Full of emotion this remarkable family play mixes sparkling comedy with unbearable poignancy.


Saturday 2nd March Dalkey Players  (Open)

THE CRUCIBLE      By Arthur Miller               

The Crucible is Arthur Miller’s classic dramatisation of the witch-hunt and trials that besieged the Puritan community of Salem in 1692. Seen as a chilling parallel to the McCarthyism and repressive culture of fear that gripped America in the 1950s, the play’s timeless relevance and appeal remains as strong as when the play opened on Broadway in 1953

“Arthur Miller’s masterpiece, a gripping parable of power and its abuse. A powerful drama.”


Sunday 3rd March  Ballyduff Drama Group

THE FERRYMAN    By Jez Butterworth   ( Open)


It’s harvest time in the Carney household and spirits are high. Three generations swirl around the kitchen, including rabbits, a goose and a baby. But there are ghosts at this feast. This is Northern Ireland, 1981. In the Maze prison, the IRA hunger strikers are dying. Out on the bog, a body has been dug up. Butterworth draws turmoil into the farmhouse, defining just how inextricably this family is entangled in Ireland’s bloodstained past.

“An unforgettable journey into the heart of a nation torn by conflict and the resilience of those who dare to defy it”


Monday 4th March  Glenamaddy Players

THE OUTGOING TIDE    by Bruce Graham    (Confined) 

One fiercely proud man devises a bold plan for his future, but his family has other ideas. Deftly moving between present and past, playwright Bruce Graham weaves a highly relatable story sprinkled with surprising humour and powerful emotions. This touching family drama poses thought-provoking questions about personal choice and what it means to truly love someone. 

“A beautifully told, poignant tale of the struggle to be true to oneself while granting room for loved ones to have what they want” Recommended for audiences 13 and older 


Tuesday 5th March  The Ray Leonard Players 

ECLIPSED    by Patricia Burke Brogan  (Confined)

This award winning play is set in A Magdalene Laundry and centres on the women who live there under the rule of an order of nuns. This is a poignant, funny, moving and sad play and we are reminded of the stolen lives of these women and children and how they were ostracised from society and exploited under a cruel and harsh system. At last their voices are being heard. 

“A compelling piece of drama it brims over with darkness and light, rising from Ireland’s boggy soil like a wailing banshee” *This show contains scenes of a sexual nature.


Wednesday 6th March  Phoenix Players

ANIMAL FARM          by George Orwell   (Confined)

Revolution has taken place at Manor Farm. The animals have overthrown their human masters and assumed control of the farm. Led by the charismatic porker Napoleon and fuelled by enthusiastic camaraderie, a prosperous future free from the self-serving greed of humans is theirs for the taking. However, it is not long until the principles that promised equality become the shackles that bind the animals once again.

“A powerful re-telling of George Orwell’s chilling and timeless classic”.


Thursday 7th March   St.Patrick’s Drama Group

AGNES OF GOD     by John Pielmeier (Confined)

Summoned to a convent, Dr. Martha Livingstone, a court-appointed psychiatrist, is charged with assessing the sanity of a novitiate accused of murdering her new-born. Miriam Ruth, the Mother Superior, determinedly keeps young Agnes from the doctor, arousing Livingstone’s suspicions further. Who killed the infant and who fathered the tiny victim? Livingstone’s questions force all three women to re-examine the meaning of faith and the power of love leading to a dramatic, compelling climax. A hit on Broadway and later on film..

“Riveting, powerful, electrifying drama…the dialogue crackles.”


Friday 8th Lifford Players 

GAMES FOR LOVERS    by Ryan Craig (Open)

Four millennials looking for sex, love and a well-located flat find themselves caught in a complex game of rivalry, desire and seduction. As the cost of happiness soars, how can they negotiate the new rules of modern relationships and win the game of love?  A giddy carefreeness underpins this light-hearted new comedy about love in the internet age.   

Games for Lovers is a fun and playful examination about the complications of love and is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face”                                


Saturday 9th March  Kilmuckridge Drama Group

I DO NOT LIKE THEE, DR. FELL by Bernard Farrell   (Confined)

In this hilarious and sometimes unsettling send up of American style group therapy sessions, six people gather together in a locked room for Encounter Therapy that promises to probe their lives. The session does not go as planned and they get more than they bargained for when one of their number savagely exposes their real social and sexual secrets.

A comedy about Mindfulness and Mayhem – funny, quirky and thought provoking”.

Friday 1st – Saturday 9th March

8pm | €15 | 9 Night Season Ticket €95 /5 Night Ticket €65