Regardless of age, nature is our great common denominator; we are all connected through our existence in the natural cycles and as such this workshop will look at our native wildlife through preserved specimens, those often evasive others who elude our eager observation, here presented in Taxidermy and herbarium form. Meet Ollie the Long Eared Owl plus his lunch, Terry the chocolate orange fox, Percy the pheasant, Rusty and Ruddy the red squirrels and Sissy the swan! Work through gentle creative activities to do with this host of characters as well as our local flora and gain insight and empathy for those that we share our wonderful little world with.

Lundy is an experimental cross disciplinary artist working primarily in visual media with parallel practices in sound, performance & film & essentially preoccupied with the natural world; her pedagogical work endeavors to generate environmental empathy through creative engagement whilst her expanded studio practice explores the esoteric elements of ecology through a feminist lens; she practices from the Furr Factory Studio in her native South County Sligo, a space she has established in the same building her father once founded in order to operate his Taxidermy craft.

Though orientated toward young people aged 5-11yrs, this is an intergenerational event where parents, grandparents, older siblings and friends are encouraged to join in and share their encounters with our wildlife and chat our way through a lovely workshop about the ‘wild’!


Saturday 25th May | 2pm – 3.30pm | Admission Free | Pre-Booking Advised