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The Brain—is wider than the Sky—
For—put them side by side—
The one the other will contain
With ease—and You—beside—
(Emily Dickinson)

SKIES is a new audio work about searching for home under Greek skies, through stories, myths and observations. Fregoli Theatre invite you, the listener, to find your own piece of sky, look upwards, outwards or inwards and share in this theatrical audio experience. 

There will be 7 short episodes, 1 episode to be released daily from Thursday 23rd – Wednesday 29th September 2021. 


Ep1 23.09.21

Theatre is home. And ancient Epidarius, the ancient amphitheatre, is a wonderful home here in the heartlands of Greece. As the sun sets above the scene is also being set below for stories and reflections. Listen here:Episode 1: Amphitheatre  


Ep 2 24.09.21

Flight was meant for birds, gods and other supernatural things. But what happens when us mortals want to ascend the skies? Long before spaceships, zeppelins and propeller planes there was tale of the fleeing Daedalus and Icarus, who first took flight by flight. Listen here: Episode 2: Daedalus & Icarus


Ep 3  25.09.21

What do the God Hermes and The Little Prince have in common? Find out as we kick back and watch the skies unfold their images above us. Listen here: Episode 3 Hermes



Ep4 26.09.21

The Oracle at Delphi, a place for guidance, prophecies and warnings. Its founder, Apollo, God of Light and many things, should have taken two minutes to check in before letting his son do what he did. Get in buddy, we are joyriding through the skies. Listen here: Episode 4: Apollo


Ep5 27.09.21

What happens when the sun and moon park up, side by side to allow a catch up between siblings? While pandemonium was happening down below at the sight of the first solar eclipse, eavesdrop on what was being said up in the sky. Listen here: Episode 5: Sun & Moon Chariots


Ep6 28.09.21

Love has many moods and Zeus, the Sky God Zeus is the most prolific of lovers. The subject of many myths, he has his temper reflected in the weather, a temper all too human. Have a listen to what the King of Gods got up to and the sneaky gift he offered us mortals. Listen here: Episode 6: Zeus


Ep7 29.09.21

We all have our own journeys, an odyssey with its own challenges and discoveries. Let’s dip into those of Odysseus and his long wandering under Greek skies. Listen here: Episode 7: Odysseus



Skies is developed as part of Fregoli Theatre Company’s ‘Finding Home’ residency in Roscommon Arts Centre, supported by the Arts Council.


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