LP21: The Lost Word Archive – In School Workshop

The Lost Word Archive: Print and Zine making workshop

Are you interested in creating your own zine? Wanna learn how to make relief prints? Join Eilis Murphy for this fun, hands-on workshop where you will be introduced to the world of zines, fanzines and photozines. You will learn the basics of zine making, creating your own publication to take home with you! We will use lost words as inspiration for your zine: forgotten words that you, your family or community used in the past. Words which you mightn’t have heard or used in many years…We will start by experimenting with relief printmaking – a simple, but striking printing technique that can be done at home – creating our own alphabet to use in our zines. We will then create collages using our collection of lost words, relief prints and other collage materials as inspiration. The last part of the workshop will be spent learning how to fold, collate and bind your own zine using a simple tools and a photocopier. Copies of your zine an our group zine will be available at the Art Centre front desk for the duration of Mick O’Hara’s exhibition, with a copy deposited in the Art Centre’s Archive.

Supported by The Creative Ireland Roscommon programme. Creative Ireland is an all-of-Government five-year initiative, from 2017 to 2022, which places creativity at the centre of public policy. Further information from creative.ireland.ie and ireland.ie

October 18th & 19th | *Sold Out*


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