The Playroom invites artists Jane Fogarty, Maree Hensey and Celine Sheridan  to explore ‘play’ as a form of practice, a generative process and an experience for audiences to view and engage artwork; moving, touching and playing within the gallery context. Research around this exhibition is Influenced by the Reggio Emilio ethos, where the physical spaces we engage with are promoted as “the third teacher”. It explores the potential of materials as active participants in our learning and development, as well as the role of play as an opportunity to express, construct, deconstruct and negotiate understandings of the world around us.


The Playroom offers a space where the physical and bodily experience is foregrounded, to engage, develop and learn by; doing, playing, and through ‘hands on’ experiences. The artists involved in this exhibition share practices, interests and research that are deeply rooted in potential of touch to negotiate, understand and experience the spaces we inhabit. They invite and encourage visitors to touch and play within the gallery and with the artworks they have presented.


Alongside this exhibition, artist Maree Hensey will host three baby and toddler mornings, inviting babies and toddlers up to 3years “to be, to wallow, to wonder, to delve, to enquire and to share experiences” of this exhibition within the gallery space.

22nd  Sept,  6th October and 20th October.

Opens Friday 9th September 6pm and continues until October 22nd