For long periods in 2020 and 2021 social restrictions limited our interactions with people. Urged to stay at or close to home our engagements with the things and other matter that occupies these spaces intensified. This period has enabled a time to build new relationships with nature, plant species and other living things that surround us, allowing us closer observation and interaction with the often overlooked familiar things we live with and alongside.

The artists included in this exhibition were selected by Curator in Residence Naomi Draper through an open call to share works and processes inspired, influenced and involving ‘other matter’, plants and nature things. This is the second group of artists who will share their observations and interactions with other matter throughout 2020 & 2021.

The artists who will show their work in this exhibition are:

Lydia Hickey, Annabel Potterton, Laura Skehan, Ina Olohan, Amna Walayat, Conor O’Grady, Kate Mercer, Conor Wickham, Mark Beatty, Matthew Wilson, Stephen Maybury, Lorenzo Tonti, Jasmin Marker, David Pierce, Marielle MacLeman, Kate Oram & Blaine O’Donnell.


The exhibition opens on July 15th and continues until August 27th.