We welcome Jon Kenny with his show ‘’Tall Tales & Stories Of D’unexpected and Other Lies” on this summer. A show created from Jon’s memoir which he began to work on during lock down. As Jon says ‘“After two years and a bit in solitary confinement and not being within an ass’s roar of fellow mad souls bar myself, it’s time for me to let off a bit of steam, let my feckin flowing locks down me back and have a bit of craic!”

Jon is well known and loved as being part of the comedic duo D’Unbelieveable’s and for also for his appearances in Fr Ted. He’s also an accomplished actor and has toured the country with John B Keanes ‘The Matchmaker’ and ‘The Successful TD’ and also the one man show ‘Crowman”. His most recent big screen appearance was in ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ alongside Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson

‘’Tall Tales & Stories Of D’unexpected and Other Lies” is a look back through story, song and writing at all the weird and wonderful crazy times that were part of his life – from touring with his band from Effin to Abbey Road, running off with a dance company, singing ballads in Zambia, performing in Moscow, gowling around in Galbally, acting the flute in Finore and knowing no matter where you were in the world you couldn’t throw a stone without hitting an Irish man!

Friday 21st July | 8pm | €20