Our Environmental Commitment

Roscommon Arts Centre recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements.  We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and strive to continually improve our performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.
It is our priority to ensure our environmental policy is implemented, and we actively encourage all staff, customers and stakeholders to adopt a responsible approach toward the impact of their actions on the environment.

We are working to become greener in our activities, and become part of a growing network of arts and culture organisations trying to reduce their environmental impact.

The aims of our policy are to:

  • Wholly support and exceed all relevant regulatory requirement
  • Increase our energy efficiency
  • Reduce, and recycle the waste produced by our operations
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Encourage the use of low environmental impact methods of transport
  • In line with the implementation by Roscommon County Council of Green Public Procurement, purchase products and services which do the least damage to the environment, where possible, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Measure, record and continually reduce the carbon footprint of the organisation

The following policies apply, to minimise our environmental impact:


  1. Use bicycle, walking or public transport options whenever possible.
  2. Use of cars is only permitted if it is the most sustainable or practical option.


  1. Printing should be kept to a minimum.  Internal minutes and documents should be circulated electronically and printed only when necessary.  Contracts, invoices and other correspondence should be sent electronically where possible.
  2. Double-sided printing and multiple page printing should be used as much as possible to minimise paper usage.
  3. Photocopier paper should be recycled paper.
  4. All print cartridges should be recycled.


Paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium cans, food and batteries should be recycled using the recycling points around the building.


  1. Waste will be minimised by only ordering what we need.
  2. Environmental impact will be considered when choosing products and services. 

Energy Usage

  1. Energy consumption will be recorded and monitored and steps taken to continually reduce energy consumption.
  2. All lights, monitors and other electronic equipment should be switched off when not in use.
  3. Everyone should be continually mindful of energy usage and identify methods of reducing energy usage within the scope of their role.

Green Team

  1. The current lead for Roscommon Arts Centre is Stephen Nicholson.
  2. We maintain a group of committed staff members to operate as the company’s green team.  The green team meets at least quarterly to review the implementation of this policy and our progress against our targeted improvements.
  3. We will work subscribe to the Green Arts Initiative – supporting Irish arts organisations to reduce their environmental impact.


This policy will be reviewed bi-annually.