Our Spaces


The auditorium seats 194 patrons in retractable raked seating.

Wheelchair access is available to the front row only.

An area (3.5m x 3m approx) behind the audience seating is available as an operating point

for the mixing desk during a live music event or for a followspot (or both).

Audience Lighting is controlled from the control room by a Strand Outlook controller and

operates via an independent 6 channel dimmer.

Four discharge flood lights provide working light for the auditorium.

Stage Dimensions

Stage Depth                                                            8.21 m

Proscenium Width                                                    9.04 m

Proscenium Height                                                   5.50 m

SR Wing Width                                                       4.40 m

SL Wing Width                                                        3.14 m

Full Width of Stage (Wall to Wall)                      17.68 m

Max Height to Lighting Grid                                   6.55 m


The Stage Floor is flat (no rake).  The surface is 12mm ply painted black.

The Deck may be painted in any other colour by a visiting company on condition that it is

returned to matt black (two coats) prior to their departure.

No screws or fixings may be used on the Deck.

Six discharge flood lights provide working light for the stage area.  A further four fluorescent

tube lights are also available.  Side-stage lighting is provided by four bulkhead lights.

Individually powered directional spots are available for each offstage corner.

A stage crossover, behind the upstage wall, connects the upstage right corner of the stage

to the scene dock, located to SL of stage; access to stage SL is via roller shutter door.

The scene dock is 8.00 m deep x 4.5 m wide at twice-height.

External access to scene dock is via roller shutter door.

12 x Doughty extendable stage braces

8 x 12.5kg moulded stage weights

6 x 13m lengths Black / White reversible PVC Dance Floor 1600mm wide

(this is more than sufficient to cover the playing area of the stage)


Front Drapes are permanently mounted on Line “A” immediately inside proscenium arch

Cinema Screen is permanently mounted on Line “B” immediately inside Front Drapes

12 x motorised winch sets on 4 lines.  Winch bars are 10.5m wide.

Winches and motor units are located on SR wall.

Maximum Uniformly Distributed Load per set: 300 kgs

Lines 2,5,8,11 are wired for stage electrics.


All stage electrics are 16A.

72 x channels of dimming provided by 3 x Strand LD90 dimming units.

Hard patching available via a 96-way Andolite patch bay next to the control room.

E.T.C. Element 600 subs 500 channels

Front of House LX Bar :                                          1 x 12-way Internally Wired Bar

Front of House Lx Booms :                                      2 x 6-way Internally Wired Bar

Stage LX Bars :                                                      4 x 12-way Internally Wired Bar

Stage Utility Boxes :                                              3 x 16A sockets in each stage corner

Lantern / Cabling / Miscellaneous Stock

18 x 15/30 Strand SL Profile                                 6 x 23/50 Strand SL Profile

12 x Strand Coda Flood                                       12 x Thomas ParCan CP62

24 x Strand 1.2kW Contata Fresnel                       1 x RobertJuliat Foxie follow spot

12 x Gobo Gates (B size)

15 x 10m 16A cables                                           1 x 13A – 16A converter

10 x   5m 16A cables                                           1 x 16A – 15A converter

16 x 16A splitters                                                  1 x 15A – 13A converter

5 x ‘H’ Floor stands                                              1 x cracked oil (haze) machine

Audio & A/V

2 x Ram Audio amplifiers

2 x Martin MA1.6 amplifiers 800w / channel

1 x Dbx controller

4 x JBL VRX 192 Line array

2 x Martin EM201 sub-bass speakers on Auditorium floor (FoH)

4 x JBL speakers available as onstage monitors / fallback etc.

Midas Venice 24-4-2

Symetrix 2 channel Graphics Equaliser (available across FoH speakers only)

Yamaha SPX990 effects unit                                 Lexicon MPX100 effects unit

Tascam CD-150 CD Player with remote control

Tascam MD-301mkII MiniDisc Player with remote control

Tascam 302 Twin Cassette Player

2 x Shure SM58 Microphones                                2 x XLR gender converters (m-m)

2 x Shure SM57Beta Microphones                         2 x XLR gender converters (f-f)

1 x AKG 1000s Condenser Microphone                2 x Behringer DIs

1 x Shure BG 4.1 Condenser Microphone             1 x “home-made” passive DI

4 x beyerdynamic Microphone Stands                  1 x 5m 12way Stage Box

12 x 10m Microphone Cable                                  2 x 6.5mm jack – 6.5mm jack cable

2 x Left & Right phono fly leads – pair XLR (male) for onstage phono sends

2 x Behringer x m8500 microphones

1 x Set T. Bone Drum microphones


3 x pair Swivel Arms (6 in total)                            4 x pair Stage Legs (8 in total)

1 x Curtain Track                                                   2 x pair Split Drapes (4 in total)

1 x White Cyclorama Cloth (seamless)                  4 x Stage Border

1 x pair Velour House Drapes (Mauve) on Drum Winched Curtain Track



Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 B4000 Projector

Cinemeccanica Zenith X4000H Lamphouse

Optical 5.1 Stand Alone Sound System

Roll down perforated screen to picture size 9.00m x 4.40 m

Widescreen 1.66:1 format Schneider Lens

Widescreen 1.85:1 format Schneider Lens

CinemaScope picture format Schneider Lens

CIR Tape Splicer for 35mm film

3 x 4km film spools with fixed hub

3 x 4km film spools with easy hub


CCTV camera at back of auditorium – full proscenium view relayed via BNC splitter.

B&W monitor in Control Room

2 DVD Player


The purchase of LED equipment was supported by the Department of Tourism Culture Arts Gaeltacht Sports and Media under the Cultural Capital Scheme 2019-2022 #Ireland2040

Our Gallery Space is located on the ground floor and is fully accessible.

It is accessed by a front door located beside two parking bays reserved for those with disabilities. This a manually operated door and will be open during all events at the centre.


Gallery Spec:

  • Main entrance doors are via double doors which are 1.66 m wide and 2.04 wide.
  • The loading in door are via double set of double doors which are 1.70 m wide and 2.04 m high.
  • Operable walls. The two side walls are 13 m long and 3.10 m to lighting track and 4.00 m to the ceiling.
  • The walls are of MDF broad with plasterboard on top which is painted white.
  • The floor is a polished concrete finish, that can not be drilled into or marked in any way.
  • The end wall on the main entrance end is 5.00 m long and 3.10 m to lighting track and 4m to the ceiling.
  • Opposite end, get-in end is 3.85 m long and 3.10 m to lighting track and 4.00 m to ceiling
  • The Gallery Lighting consists of eight fluorescent led strip fittings (working/house lights) which can be isolated into banks of two. There are also LED spotlights and floodlights that can be positioned on a track that runs around the circumference of the gallery. The track is .80 m from the wall. All can be turned on and off from banks of switches.

Equipment available in house:

Roscommon Arts Centre Has a fully stocked workshop which includes:



  • Power drills
  • Powered screwguns
  • Sanders
  • Measuring tapes
  • Spirit levels
  • Assortment of screws and hanging brackets
  • Assortment of power cables



Two projectors:  Benq W1070 digtal projector 2000 lumens

One flat screen 38 inch tv with wall hanging bracket


Two Yamaha powered speakers 70 watt

Assortment of audio cables

Behringer xenyx 302 4 input mixer


The lighting in the gallery in the Roscommon Arts Centre are track lighting, which are LED lamps. We have 7 spots 18 floods. The lamps can moved to any position on  the lighting track. The lighting track is 3.10 m nigh and .80 m from the wall.


There are a limited number available. All painted white.


49 m x .90 m (two avail)

60 m x 1.05m (one avail)

61 m x .50 m x .71 m (one avail)

Roscommon Arts Centre has two workshop spaces.

Workshop 1, the new workshop space is a multipurpose space that has a sprung dance floor. The dimensions of the room are 14.20 M Long and 6.80 M wide and the height is 3.60 M height. There are mirrors running the length of one side of the room and windows running the length of the other side of the space.

There are black wool surge curtains on three sides of the room running on a rail. Wi-Fi is also available.

There’s also  tea/coffee making facilities available. The space also has its own adapted toilet.

The workshop space is accessed by a manually operated door at the side of the arts centre, beside the disabled parking bays.

There are stairs and lift access to this workshop space – both are located directly inside the front door at the gallery/workshop entrance.

Workshop 2, the original workshop space is a multipurpose space that has a wooden floor. The dimensions of the room are 9.16 M Long and 5.80 M wide and the height is 3.90 M height. There are mirrors running the length of one side of the room and windows on the other side. The space also has its own toilet facilities. There is black wool surge curtains on three sides of the room running on a rail. Wi-Fi is also available.

This workshop is accessible only by stairs. It is located upstairs on the left side of the building. Access to it is through the front doors, down the hallway to the left of box office, and up the stairs.

3 x Large Dressing Rooms – 2 with Showers, Mirrors, Wall-lighting, Washbasins, Show Relay which can accommodate 8 people comfortably and 1 dressing room with Mirrors, Wall-lighting, Washbasins, Show Relay which can accommodate 6 people comfortably.

2 x unisex WC’s

1 x iron & ironing board

Green Room with         Fridge, Microwave, Washer/Dryer,

Kitchen Sink, Kettle, Toaster, 2-Ring Hob,

First Aid Cabinet, Show Relay.

Roscommon Arts Centre is a level access building with no steps. There are two front doors by which to access the building – the main door is automatic and brings you directly to the box office, this is open during the centre’s opening hours.

The second door is located at the gallery/workshop side of the building, beside the disabled parking bays. This a manually operated door and will be open during all events at the centre. This is the access door to also use for the workshop space.

The Front of House Area comprises a large accommodation area with occasional seating and is served directly by the box office desk and theatre bar.  Ticketing is provided by Ticketsolve ticketing system.  A public address system relays to both the foyer area and the public toilets.

There are Adapted Toilets on both the Ground Floor and First Floor of the building. Roscommon Arts Centre has Baby Changing Facilities on the Ground Floor and First Floor, these are located in the adapted toilet.

The bar stocks bottled beers, wine, spirits and snacks.

Two new open-plan artist studios are situated on the first floor of the newly re-furbished Roscommon Arts Centre, nestled between the workshop space and the auditorium. The studio facilities aim to provide artists with a supportive environment in which they can develop their practice, research and create new work and engage with other practitioners and the public.

A third space has also been made available, located in the old workshop space.

Studios are open plan and equipped with desk, chair and a sink. Toilet facilities are located throughout the building. The studio spaces are conveniently located so that artists delivering workshops and/or using the auditorium have ease of access to both.  There is also wi-fi in the studio spaces and a Mac with access to image editing software (Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign).  The artists’ studios are working spaces only and are not residential. These studios can be accessed by a stairs and there is a chair lift on the first floor adjacent to the workshop space to enable access to the artist studios.

The third workshop studio includes mirrors, drapes and a toilet facility. This studio can be accessed by a stairs.