Helen Hughes: and Yes, daydreamer

Helen Hughes is a Mayo born artist living and working in Dublin. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and completed a Masters in Visual Arts Practices through IADT Dublin. Making and materiality are foundational to her process-based sculptural practice where her selected materials carry their history as they collapse or deflate from their original forms. Hughes uses these to comment on consumerism and mass production as her materials’ original intent is disrupted and repurposed as sculptural objects.  She has exhibited widely and her work has received many commendations, both in Ireland and internationally. Recent shows include Periodical Review #9, Pallas Projects, Dublin (2019), Dearly Beloved…VISUAL, Carlow (2019), Syntonic State TULCA, Galway (2018) and A Bounce Borrowed, The Dock, Carrick on Shannon (2017)

Helen’s exhibition, And yes, daydreamer will present deflated, semi-collapsed, propped and precariously balanced sculptural objects referencing alienation in the physical world as our lives migrate more and more to the virtual realm since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Proximity and the perils of touching that now pervade our physical being as we navigate our surroundings will be pondered upon in a gallery setting where exuberantly tactile, glossy, fetishistic over-sized objects will be encountered in a range of acrid synthetic colours. In a semi-collapsed state, balloons and other commodities, manipulated and combined to subvert their assigned path to deflation and obsolescence, will be displayed in a structured context, held between revelry, play and demise.

Winter 2021

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