The first in the series of works by Barbara Knežević, gathered under the title Tools for Wellbeing, ‘Scapes; Rose Quartz’ springs from an intrigue for moments where the human body and other matter come into proximity for the purposes of healing. It presents a concentration or intensification of individual objects that collectively produce moments that speak of a deep human faith in the power of the things around us, a faith that bears a strong resemblance to the relationship between humans and artworks. Tools for wellbeing centres on the physical use of objects as tools for healing, such as crystals, stones, oils, plants and other human bodies. Rather than being concerned with the legitimacy, benefits or science of these practices, this work proposes the artwork as a space where the truer material relationship between humans and matter can be discovered, a portal where invisible material exchanges, and encounters between the matter of the human body and other entities can take place.

Barbara Knežević is an Australian born artist living and working in Dublin. Her work is primarily object based and sculptural in form, appearing as complex, networked aggregations of objects and digital moving images. Recent exhibitions include Immurement, STATION Gallery Melbourne; Lithophone, Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin; The Last Thing on Earth, MAC, Belfast; Exquisite Tempo Sector, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin; City Agents, EKKM, Tallinn; Gallery Augusta, Helsinki. In 2021 she will present a solo exhibition at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin.

 Tuesday 11th May – Friday 18th June 2021

See the exhibition and listen to Barbara speak about the work here:

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Tuesday 11th May – Friday 18th June 2021