“As darkness falls on that magical date, every year, I go outside and look up”

Following an open call for submissions of Christmas memories, Fregoli Theatre Company have created Home For Christmas.  Filmed in Roscommon and using imagery and sounds inspired by the submissions, Fregoli presents these stories and memories in a short piece filled with joy and heartbreak that will inspire warm thoughts of home. Fregoli strongly believe in the transformative nature of theatre and sharing stories and are honoured to share these beautiful contributions.

The film, directed by Tara Finn and shot by Roscommon based company Spicy Dog Media, will be released free of charge but Fregoli are asking viewers to keep a number of charities in mind and perhaps, give what they can after watching the film. Their proposed charities are Galway Simon Community, a homelessness and housing service for Galway, Mayo and Roscommon, Pieta House which provides free therapy to those engaging in self-harm, with suicidal ideation, or bereaved by suicide, and St Vincent De Paul provides a wide range of services for vulnerable people locally and nationally.

Fregoli Theatre Company, formed in 2007, aims to produce and perform energetic, stimulating contemporary work. Past stage productions include “The Heart Project”, “You Could Be Us” and “Pleasure Ground”. Fregoli Theatre are Roscommon Arts Centre’s theatre company in residence for 2020 and Their residency is aptly named “Finding Home”.

The company, though Galway based have a strong Roscommon connection – its artistic director Maria Tivnan and Jarlath Tivnan, writer and performer, are both from Boyle and their rural upbringing and Roscommon itself has had a very significant impact on the company’s theatre making.

“Home can mean so many different things; what surrounds us, our thoughts, memories, who or what we feel connected to” says Maria Tivnan, “It is a topic we as a company have been fascinated with for quite some time, how home can feel, look like or be experienced both internally and externally. The residency at Roscommon Arts Centre gave Fregoli a home which was disrupted and changed by the pandemic, ideas around home have now changed for many people, and it is perhaps more vital than ever to explore this.”

Home for Christmas was created as part of Fregoli Theatre’s residency in Roscommon Arts Centre and is supported by Creative Ireland and Arts Council Ireland.

Directed by: Tara Finn

Fregoli Theatre Creative Team: Maria Tivnan, Oisin Robbins and Tara Finn

Film shot by : Spicy Dog Media, a Roscommon based company with special thanks to Peter Kilmartin.

V/O Artists: Oisin Robbins, Maria Tivnan, Tara Finn, Freddie, Will and Mathew Murphy and  James and Molly McFeely

Music Contributed by :  Melanie Dutton, Jarlath and Conor Tivnan, Maria Tivnan and Eilish McCarthy

Sound Design: Melanie Dutton and Emma Finn

Submitters: Aideen Bonner, Aishling McMahon, Alice Keane, Anthony Baggott, Aria Webb, Audrey Fayne, Audrey Lee, Averyl Dooher, Barbara McFeely, Francis Finan, Bernadette Brudell, Bernadette Murphy, Bernadette Tivnan, Della Lawless Connellan, Denise Blake, Eadaoin Sherlock, Eva Carroll, Gina Edziwa, Ita McCarthy, Jihad Essektani, John McCarthy, Kathleen O’Connell, KathyAnn Murphy, Laura Finnegan, Liam Cupitt, Lily Conlon, Liz Gannon, Lynda Moyse, Margaret McCarthy, Mary McFeely, Molly Cupitt, Naomi Cantwell , Neassa Walsh, Paul McCarrick

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