Stemming from an interest in the relationships between humans and other matter and how they are negotiated, Naomi Drapers current sculptural practice focus’ specifically on the collection, preservation and archiving of found or collected material, and how these activities establish and enable particular relationships between human, plant species and other matter. Looking specifically at the materials and forms used within this activity, alongside casting processes that enable a deeper understanding and knowing of an object, Naomi is interested in the human desire and drive to preserve, care and protect collected things.

For her exhibition in Roscommon Arts Centre in 2024 Naomi will present a collection of objects she has been making and gathering since 2019, with a range of beds and packages that these materials rest within.

Through these making processes Naomi attempts to speak about the experience of combining a sculpture practice with curatorial and care interests.  Extending this practice further Naomi will continue to develop her research with a number of local and national collections, looking particularly at the infrastructure and supports used in the care and protection of treasured objects.

Exhibition Opens July 12th.