Artists Muriel Beckett, Tish Canniffe, Frances Crowe, Pascale De Coninck, Lorna Donlon, Terry Dunne, Catherine Ryan, Heather Underwood.

This group of eight tapestry artists are currently collaborating and weaving a tapestry in Terry Dunne’s Studio in Wexford. This new tapestry, their third, will be large scale in size measuring 1 metre X 5 metres. The theme is healing, renewal and peace, reflecting the experiences they have all collectively been through over the last few years with the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

The exhibition will consist of this large-scale collaborative piece, which has been funded by Creative Ireland through 7 Local Authorities, along with 8 individual pieces created by the artists on the same theme and a documentary film tracing this two year journey.

Exhibition Opens on September 20th Culture Night